Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Enjoying the Views at MK Retreat

Note: Christi wrote this last week, while the camp was happening. I (Trish) waited until now to post it, so that I would have some pictures to share. Enjoy!


Break out the sunscreen, mosquito repellent, and marshmallows! It’s MK Teen Retreat time! This morning, Allen called from a campground about 45 minutes from Tegucigalpa, with a view he says is reminiscent of the Smoky Mountains. That wasn’t the most important view to him, though. Allen said, “Everywhere you look, there are groups of missionary kids hanging out--spending time with each other--groups of kids just enjoying their time together.”

From our vantage point, it may seem like the time has flown since last year’s MK Teen Retreat. To the young people who have looked forward to it, the year has likely seemed much longer. As Allen stressed, “Their parents decided to make the sacrifice to become missionaries, but their kids sacrifice, too. They struggle with not fitting into either culture. Even when they are able to visit North America, they are no longer truly North Americans.”

Of course, they aren’t Hondurans, either, which is precisely why they need a special camp to spend time with other teens in their same position. Allen pointed out, “For 50 or 51 weeks a year, they are expected to help with their parents’ ministry. They need this time.”

In case this all seems like a “rerun” from previous years, Allen reminds us, “A lot of times what you do in ministry is a recap or repeat of what you’ve done before. It’s the same old thing, but still very important.”

At least two things are different about this year’s retreat: 1) This year there are more boys than girls, and 2) Rachel is more than six months pregnant--meaning other people have needed to step up to the plate. One of those people cannot be Russell, since he is home helping Kim Hall with Manna 4 Lempira activities.


This year’s retreat features a lot of new faces.  According to Allen, about half of the people at the retreat have only been on the mission field for two years or less. He said there has been a lot of changes to their missionary community, with a lot of new people moving to Honduras.

If you remember the posts about last year’s retreat, many of the attendees were graduating and getting ready to attend college in the U.S. One of those people, Ella, traveled from the States to lead Praise and Worship at the retreat! Her three siblings are in attendance, and her mother is doing the cooking (which Allen says is top notch, with “lots of yummy stuff”).

Crafts are a big hit, as always, particularly with the girls. Some of this year’s crafts include using metal stamps on dog tags, wood burning pictures onto disks cut from tree branches, and string art.

Games are also popular. Teens who seldom see any game other than soccer are enjoying things like capture the flag and dodgeball.

Thirty-four teens and ten staff members are at the 2017 MK Retreat, which started on Sunday the 11th and will end on Friday the 16th. Many people traveled seven or eight hours to be a part of this event, with as many as eight people arriving in one car. Please remember to pray for their safe travels as they return home and begin the countdown to NEXT year’s MK Retreat!

- posted by Christi

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