Monday, June 5, 2017

Sister Churches in ACTION!

This is what happens, when people come up with an idea and, together, we run with it! 

Kim Hall had an idea: start a sponsorship program through the Sowers4Pastors ministry, which would offer the benefits of other sponsorship programs and also help fund the larger feeding program (the majority of the 14,000 children fed by Sowers4Pastors are in locations where the sponsorship program is not available).

Eric Linden had an idea: offer churches in the US a chance to sponsor, as a body, all of the children in one, specific, church-run feeding center in Honduras, setting up a "Sister Church" relationship between the two churches.
Edgewater Alliance Church team

Edgewater Alliance Church in New Smyrna Beach, FL had an idea: help their sister church with a major construction project. The sister church, in Guacutao Lempira, Honduras, had planted a daughter church in a nearby village, and that new church was in need of a building.

In May, a team from Edgewater Alliance came for a week, helped add a roof and a floor to the new church's building, and also spent several days working with children in Guacutao.  This team, with the help of translators and teachers at the school, taught Bible lessons at the public schools around Guacutao!

Maybe YOU have an idea, we could run with?????

Above is the highlights video from the Edgewater Alliance team's week. Don't be looking for Allen in this video - it was during this team's stay that Allen ended up in the hospital. 

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