Sunday, May 20, 2018

First Impressions and Future Actions

As you may remember, Allen and Trish did not return from their latest trip to the U.S. empty handed. They arrived with a vision team in tow! I had the opportunity to speak with Kenny, and Pastor Don (both members of the church mission board), two of the team members from Countryside Chapel in Baltic, Ohio, about their first impressions of Honduras and Sowers4Pastors. I also got to ask them what they might be able to do to share the ministry when they get back home.

Kenny said, “I love the heart of Allen, Russell, and Mrs. Sowers.” (Personally, I love the respect that Trish receives in that quote!) “It has been great to see what they are doing in Honduras. They have a passion to change one more life, and then one more life after that. It’s tremendous to see it firsthand.”

“I’m really excited to go back home and share what I’ve experienced. I have already made some connections with people who are interested in sponsoring a child. I’m also going to talk with a youth group at a different church, that is interested in sending a team to Honduras,” Kenny continued. “I’ve been on several mission trips, but this is my first time in Central America. I love the heart of the Sowers family for impacting their community and seeing that impact go as far as possible. And it is all rooted in the name of Jesus Christ!”

When asked for his reflections about Sowers4Pastors, Pastor Don said, “I’m impressed by the scope of it. Now that I’m here, I can see the connections between things like Pastors Training School and feeding centers. It all connects! I’m impressed by Allen, Russell, and Kelsea, and the work they’re doing.”

Pastor Don also said, “We came down here on a vision trip to see if our church would want to partner with Sowers4Pastors, and if so, what part of their ministry we would want to partner with. I love the idea of training indigenous pastors. I also love the feeding centers. We can bring mission teams here and they can have an immense variety of ministries to serve with!”

“We return home on Friday and I will be at a mission board meeting on Sunday,” Pastor Don explained. “We’re going to talk about how we can partner. Will we help with roofs? Can we buy a couple of motorcycles? I’ve just become an advocate! Our church is growing and we have a lot of people who can help. We’re already doing some work in Ecuador. The people of Western Honduras seem to be among the most neglected.”

Both Kenny and Pastor Don spoke of the people of Western Honduras with great affection. They both talked about the happiness of people who have so little by the world’s standards.

Kenny said, “The people are bubbly and friendly. I asked Allen why their music is so loud. Allen said it’s because they’re happy and they want to share their happiness!”

Pastor Don, too, spoke of the friendliness of the people. He said, “This is obviously a developing country. But it doesn’t dampen their spirits. I have fallen in love with this country and the spirit of the people.”

 - update from Trish: On Sunday afternoon, we heard from Pastor Don and Kenny that their church has committed to donating a motorcycle for Pastor Omar at the Tablon sponsorship center, plus monthly support of our feeding center program! This is an excellent example of how teams can do even MORE than the project during their visit! 

 - posted by Christi

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