Friday, May 25, 2018

Pop Quiz Time!

We’re going to start this blog post off with a little pop quiz. Don’t worry - it’s multiple choice. You don’t have to answer an essay question. Frankly, I do not have that kind of time to devote to grading these things! Are you ready? Here’s your question:

Whenever Allen Sowers wants to talk about “Mercedes,” he means:

          a) a Mercedes-Benz vehicle, which combines luxury and performance.
          b) a town in Western Honduras.
          c) a church in a town in Western Honduras of the same name
          d) a feeding center in a church and town in Western Honduras of the same name.
          e) any one of three of the above.

Okay. It’s time to grade papers! The correct answer is  “e) any one of three of the above.” You’re so smart, you can probably even guess which three it is!

Today, Allen wanted to chat about the phenomenal growth at the church in Mercedes. When he first met Pastor Israel, in 2005, the pastor was serving at a little church he'd planted about twenty years prior. Pastor Israel is a respected man, who once held a government position, which probably most closely resembles that of County Commissioner in the States. When Allen met him, the Mercedes church was a 25ft x 40ft building, with about 30 adults and 30 children in attendance.

A couple of years later, Pastor Israel approached Allen because he wanted help expanding the building. They tore out the back wall and soon had a 25ft x 60ft building. The church began hosting a feeding program.

Next, Pastor Israel took the roof off the church and made it 2 stories, doubling the amount of available space!

Pastor Israel attended Pastor’s Training School. He became a supervisor for his denomination, having fifteen churches under him. As time passed, more and more kids began attending the feeding center. It grew to over 200 kids! With the help of his son, Pastor Melvin, and his son-in-law, Pastor German, the feeding center became a sponsorship program. The trio also planted 5 more churches outside of Mercedes (the town, not the car). Currently, there are almost 400 children involved in the church and sponsorship center!

At the age of 75, Pastor Israel is not in the best of health. Still, Pastors Melvin and German are able to continue the good work he started. That’s a family legacy that’s more exciting than inheriting a shiny Mercedes-Benz!

 - posted by Christi

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