Friday, June 8, 2018

It's All Relative

Since childhood, I’ve been fascinated by larger families. Perhaps it has something to do with my love of shows like “The Waltons,” “The Brady Bunch,” and “Eight Is Enough”. At any rate, getting an update on each member of the Sowers clan sort of reminds me of catching up with John Boy, Mary Ellen, Jim Bob, and the rest. Here’s what’s happening with the Western Honduras version of the Walton family:


Allen is doing very well since his heart procedure of May 2017. He recently had blood work done, which came back pretty hunky-dory. (That’s my interpretation of Trish’s statement, “The doctor was pleased.”) Aside from trying to eat a healthier diet and taking lots of daily medicines, Allen is pretty much back to his normal routine. The family appreciates all of the prayers for Allen’s health and the people who contributed to paying for medical expenses.


Trish is enjoying being a grandma. She has also been able to travel to the States with Allen. That wasn’t a possibility when all of the children were home.


Kirstin is working as an R.N. in Florida. She has set up a sort of Sowers family extended home, with two of her younger siblings sharing an apartment with her.


Of course you hear about Russell on this blog all the time, as he is part of Sowers4Pastors. He’s a busy missionary, husband, and father. In exciting news, his wife, Iris, is getting her driver’s license this week.


Rachel is a missionary, living in the capital of Honduras with her husband Brandy, and their baby boy, Nathan. She has started a new ministry with Brandy, which is helping young women from Western Honduras who want to move to the capital city to attend college. They are working to fund scholarships, and to set up a safe home, which will serve as a sort of boarding house for the impoverished young women who want to improve their lives.

Christopher (aka Gus) and Bethany (aka Boo)

It seems wrong not to give Christopher and Bethany their own paragraphs, but their updates are identical! They are both working in the same hospital where Kirstin works. They are both attending the same nursing school, and are even in the same classes. And they are both sharing an apartment with Kirsten, which they fondly refer to as “The Nursing Home”!

Ben working in the media center
 at his school

Ben has been at boarding school for almost two years! It has been working out beautifully. Even though Trish doesn’t like having him away from home so much, the school has been a real blessing and benefit to him. Ben has been playing on the basketball team, working on multimedia stuff, and has basically carved out a place for himself at school.

R.J., Abby, and Nathan

Trish jokingly said, “They don’t help with the ministry much yet.” Trish considers herself the most fortunate missionary grandma in the world. While so many missionary grandmas have grandchildren living in other countries, Trish is right next door to R.J. and Abby. And, even though she doesn’t get to see Nathan as often as she would like, he is in the same country!


Good night, John Boy.

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