Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Show Me That Smile, Again!

You may have noticed that the Sowers4Pastors blog received a little makeover (those of you reading this post by email might want to click over to, so you can see what we're talking about). It’s all turquoise-y and pretty. There’s also a picture of Allen, Trish, Russell, Iris, R.J., and Abby in the header that is large enough to make Trish squirm with discomfort and long for the former header of anonymous mountains in Western Honduras. The redesign is because Trish wanted to make the blog more cohesive with the soon-to-be-unveiled new website. The reason Trish was working behind-the-scenes on the blog at all was because she was adding a link to the Amazon Smile program (more on that in a minute) - and, in If You Give a Mouse a Cookie fashion, Trish found herself tying the color scheme of the blog and the website together.

Now, more on that Amazon Smile program…

On the pretty, turquoise-y blog featuring a gaggle of smiling Sowerses, you will also see a box at the top of the right-hand margin, which says, “Support Sowers4Pastors Inc.” There’s some more writing and a link to take you to a place to sign up for the Amazon Smile program. It’s easy to find because it is neither turquoise-y, nor particularly pretty. It’s orange and black, like a construction paper jack-o-lantern. But what that little box can do is BEAUTIFUL!

By signing up to participate in the Amazon Smile program, you can designate Sowers4Pastors to receive 0.5% of the price of your eligible Amazon purchases. That 0.5% does not include things like shipping costs, tax, and subscription programs. The products and prices are identical to those on the main Amazon site, so don’t worry about paying inflated fees.

The link, for those of you seeing this post by email, is
In order to benefit Sowers4Pastors, you will need to remember to enter through the designated Amazon Smile site, whenever you go shopping on Amazon. It does not work on the regular website, or on the Amazon app. If you use the regular Amazon website, or are purchasing on your phone using the app, the money won’t get to them.

If 0.5% doesn’t sound worth your time, let me remind you how far Sowers4Pastors can stretch a dollar. They have multiple feeding centers, which are not sponsorship centers. It takes a ridiculously small amount of money to keep those centers in operation. The cost to feed one child is around $2 per year. That means that when you make one $100 purchase on Amazon, you feed a child for three months! That's nothing to sneeze at!

Sign up! It’s an easy way to participate in spreading the Gospel, feeding children, training pastors, and all the other great things Sowers4Pastors does, by ordering things you were already going to purchase from Amazon. So, go ahead! Show me that smile again!

 - posted by Christi

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