Friday, August 31, 2018

Transition! Transition!

Please do me a favor and sing the title of this post to the song “Tradition” from Fiddler on the Roof. Really. It’s way more clever that way. Now, that we’ve established there was some measure of wit required to pen this post, let’s move on to the meat of it. The summer teams are gone and it is time for the Sowers family to switch gears. Transition! Transition!

For months, everyone at Sowers4Pastors has been going at full throttle, running teams around every day. They would often meet teams as early as 5:00 or 6:00 AM and stay with them at their hotel until 10:00 PM. Visiting teams are not abandoned! The end of “team season” means that there is now time to focus on other things.

Russell is jumping immediately into planting baby coffee trees on 10 acres of the coffee farm. He and the crew are also fertilizing the other 40 acres. Whew! Russell is also hoping to set up the depulping machine in a more permanent situation. This involves pouring concrete to create a facility with three or four levels, including a wash basin for washing the depulped coffee.

The men are also working on completing the new building on the property. This building will be a multi-purpose area. It will serve as living quarters for interns, coffee storage, food (for the feeding centers) storage, tool storage, office space, and Bible bookstore.

The teams have gone, but the letters they wrote to their sponsored children remain. Those letters need to be translated. After that, the kids will write their reply letters to their sponsors. Those will have to be translated, too. This process needs to be completed by the time a team arrives in the fall. The letters from the kids will be sent back to the U.S. with the team members, to be delivered to the appropriate sponsors.

The guys - Quito, Memo, and Melvin - who drive out to oversee the sponsorship centers will start making their rounds again. When the teams were visiting, a lot of that went on hold because they were busy working with the teams.

Russell is ordering $5000 worth of Sunday school material to be used at the feeding centers. The centers’ current quarterly material is ending and they need new material.

Allen and Trish have transitioned themselves into another busy trip to the U.S. They're already visiting churches and collecting backpacks! While they are away, Kelsea is taking over the task of getting sponsors set up on the new website system. This involves many telephone appointments!

It’s also time for Russell and the crew to work on some vehicle maintenance. Each truck was used to transport the visiting summer teams, and traveling the roads in Honduras takes a lot out of the vehicles! It’s time for oil changes, tire checks, alignments, etc…

And in FABULOUS NEWS! A generous donor is currently matching all funds donated for church roofs. That brings the cost down to $500 for each new roof. There are currently fifteen churches in need of new roofs. Funds have been raised to put on three of the fifteen. If people are willing to donate, twelve more congregations will be able to transition into worshiping in a safe and dry environment! Transition! Transition!

- posted by Christi

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