Thursday, September 6, 2018


While Allen and Trish are galavanting around the States, picking up backpacks and speaking to churches, Kelsea is learning what it means to hold down the fort by taking over some of Trish’s usual responsibilities. Not only does Kelsea get to work on getting sponsors up and running on the new website, she also gets to take over the weekly calls with me to talk about blog topics. How much excitement can one intern take?!? Kelsea and Russell got together to discuss a topic idea and they settled on a well deserved shout out to the good people of Lighthouse Church of Glen Burnie, MD.

This feels a lot like the old cornfield salutes on “Hee Haw”. If you’re too young to know what I’m talking about, each week “Hee Haw” would pay tribute to a small town. Someone would say, “Hee Haw salutes (insert name of town), population (insert a very small population number).” Then the entire cast would pop up in a cornfield set, wave their hats in the air, and shout, “SAAA-LUTE!”

In August, Lighthouse Church made a push to add more kids to their sponsorship program. That push was so effective that Sowers4Pastors needed to go out to three more schools to get additional kids registered, for their church members to sponsor! Everyone at Sowers4Pastors wishes to extend a huge, “Thank you,” to Chelsea Johnson for her work as missions director at the church. People at Lighthouse Church are currently sponsoring 550 children! SAAA-LUTE!

Lighthouse Team that worked on Russell's residence

As you may remember, two teams from Lighthouse Church visited Honduras in August. One of those teams worked with the children and put on VBS programs in six schools. The other team worked on what will be Russell and Iris’s new home. Thank you to those teams and to the Lighthouse teams who came before you. SAAA-LUTE!

Lighthouse Team leading VBS program in a public school

Backpacks filled at Lighthouse Church!

You may have seen the photos of Allen and Trish standing beside mountains of backpacks filled by the congregants of Lighthouse Church. Because of those efforts many children in Western Honduras will be able to attend school. SAAA-LUTE!

For all you’ve done, and continue to do, Sowers4Pastors salutes Lighthouse Church of Glen Burnie, MD. (Waving hats wildly in the air.) SAAA-LUTE!

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