Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Sister Act

When Kelsea made the decision to move to Honduras to intern with the Sowerses, her sister Kate had no idea that she would also become an important part in the Sowers4Pastors ministry. I was able to speak to Kate during her first trip to Honduras and she shared how she became involved. 

Kate and Kelsea visiting the Seattle 4 Lempira sponsorship center

Kate laughed, remembering how things transpired. Kelsea had mentioned to Allen that their church in Seattle might be interested in getting involved. Kelsea asked Kate if she would like to be coordinator for Seattle4Lempira. During a visit to the Seattle, Allen and Trish had an open house at the home of Kate and Kelsea’s parents. Following their presentation, Trish announced, “If you’re interested in sponsorship, talk to Kate or Kelsea.” And just like that, a volunteer was born!

When asked how she would describe her role with Sowers4Pastors, Kate admitted it’s a little difficult to put into words. Then she said, “I feel like I’m an advocate for the sponsorship program in the Seattle area.”

Kate helps connect people with the sponsorship program, through Seattle4Lempira. She is also a point person for churches in the Seattle area. When Kelsea gives her information, Kate passes it on to Heidi Cook, who is coordinating the program at another church.

During her six day visit to Honduras, Kate, Russell, and Kelsea visited the two schools attended by children currently being sponsored by Seattle residents. The day of their school visits happened to coincide with Dia del Niño (Children’s Day) in Honduras. Kate arrived with a supply of bubbles, coloring pages, and soccer balls. By playing with the children, she was able to get to know them better. They tried to teach her some Spanish and she taught them some English.

When we spoke, it was Kelsea’s birthday and the sisters were going to celebrate by spending some time kayaking. Kate is already looking forward to future visits. She and Russell have talked about what it might look like to bring a team down from the Seattle area. They also talked about the possibility of Kate coming back in early 2019 to help hand out backpacks.

Kate has big plans for Seattle4Lempira. When she first began working with the program, they were pushing to collect the backpacks. That’s because there is a definite deadline for that project. Now that Allen and Trish are driving around the U.S. in a Penske truck filled with those backpacks, Kate is looking forward to working on getting more children sponsored. In an optimistic tone, she said, “I think it will grow. I am determined to see it grow!”

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