Thursday, December 6, 2018

Better Later Than Never, and other Short Stories

While Trish was traveling, it wasn’t always possible for her to post each of the blog posts I continued to churn out at what was probably an annoying rate. If something was time sensitive, it made it into the blog. If it was less time sensitive, it got mentally filed into a “deal with it later” file. Guess what time it is? It’s LATER! Trish is focusing on posting things that got missed while she was gallivanting around in a Penske truck. What does this mean to you?

It means there’s a chance that you may notice a flurry of activity from Sowers4Pastors’ blog. If you’re an email subscriber, please don’t despair. You aren’t being spammed! This is a temporary increase in activity. Promise.

Building Overdrive

Construction of the new building is in overdrive. I’m not allowed to say they are “frantically” working because that sounds negative. So, I won’t say that! I will say that they are steadily, meticulously, and carefully working on the new building at a deliberately fast pace!

The first shipping container could arrive as early as today or tomorrow. Half of the new building already has a roof. Since the building is subdivided into separate rooms, the materials in that container will be unloaded into the roofed portion of the building. The second shipping container is believed to be about a week behind. It’s like the story of The Tortoise and the Hare, except in this version the moral is, “Fast and steady gets a roof on in time!”

The Shortest of Short Stories

The coffee harvest is still going strong!

Allen’s Home, Kelsea’s Gone, and Trish Needs a Revolving Door

Allen arrived home on Dec. 4th. For those of you who have been waiting for an update, RJ did NOT get sick on the ride to and from the airport! Whew! As he explained in his best “Spanglish,” he “drank the pill and didn’t throw up”.

With Allen back, one of the things on the agenda is to regroup and have an organizational meeting. Kelsea is in Seattle until after the Christmas holidays, but Allen, Russell, and Trish will gather around the kitchen table to discuss ways to help Sowers4Pastors function with optimal efficiency and effectiveness.

Trish will be leaving on December 31st and will be gone for most of January, as she attends appointments for Nathan’s U.S. citizenship!

End of Year Giving

This is the time of year when Sowers4Pastors is under extra financial stress. The ministry has recently purchased the backpacks people so generously filled. They had the expenses of the trip to the U.S., including renting all of those Penske trucks. They purchased shoes for the children. They purchased school supplies and hygiene items to fill backpacks (whatever was needed that wasn't donated). And they paid to ship two containers. Thank you to everyone who has recently donated to Sowers4Pastors. For those of you who would like to help ease the financial burden, that would certainly be appreciated!

And - don't forget that there are still matching funds available, for donations given toward the purchase of motorcycles!

Thanks so much for your support and prayers!

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