Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mostly more of the same

Really, life is sort of dull right now - we just keep doing the same things again. This week:

Another scorpion bite: David put on his jacket, and there was a scorpion in the sleeve, so he was stung in the lower arm. He was extremely tough about the whole thing. (Oh, I saw a centipede running out of the laundry pile this week - that was new!)

Another litter of kittens: We have three female cats, and two were pregnant. Previously, we had a litter of five kittens, although one didn't make it. This week a different cat had 4 kittens. Good thing we like kittens!

Another set of classes for the Pastor Training School: There were about 40 students attending classes this month.

More (and more and more) gifts sent out: This week, we delivered gifts to the children of the families in our Special Needs program. Boo took pictures, which I'll share in another post.

More work on the solar panels: Much work was done on this last week. Allen was sick some of this week, and there was less available time for work, due to the responsibilities of the school, but work continues on this project.

Above are two of the four bases which will be installed on the roof of the bodega, to hold the solar panels. There was a lot of math involved in the creation of these units, so that they will hold the panels at the best angle to catch the maximum amount of sun, while also taking into consideration the slope of the roof upon which they will sit. Allen spent several days with the welder last week, making sure these were made up according to his exact specifications. He also helped with both the welding and the painting, as he can't keep his hands out of any work that is going on around him. These first two units were brought up to the property today.

Really, we're in one of those times when there is so much work to do, we can hardly think straight. I am soooo looking forward to being done with the distribution of these gifts!


Jennifer said...

Your dull is pretty interesting to me!

Anonymous said...

You do have your fingers in a lot of pies! Prayers as always. The math regarding the panel holders is giving me a headache! I wouldn't know where to begin.

And yes, pictures, please!

Much Love,

Jane McSweeney