Saturday, July 24, 2010

Family Camping Trip!

This week we took a few days off for some plain old family fun and "relaxation." My family isn't all that good at relaxation, so we like to go camping. That means chopping wood, building fires, putting up tents, dealing with bodily functions in an area with no facilities, etc. We love it! Strange, I suppose, but we do.

Although our buildings are up at the top of our property, to catch the view, we also have a small piece of riverfront, in a secluded valley - a good long walk from home, or a round-about drive, with a good bit of 4-wheel driving and several river fordings. That's where we camp. It's quite private, as long as you don't mind cows.

Here are a few pictures from our camping trip:

Our campsite - the river is just behind the tents.

The water is freezing cold, but the air temp is quite hot in the valley, so it all works out.

This is the final ford, where we cross "our" river to get back onto our property from the road.

I walked home from the campsite yesterday (a quick trip to grab a shower), and was rewarded with several gorgeous views like this one.


Cory & Kris Thede said...

Yeah for family fun. Yeah for Camping and making memories. Fauche.

Live Simply Love Strongly said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Looks like the perfect place to relax and unwind.